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Giovanni Careccia

Giovanni Careccia, a graduate from “ArteMente”. Permanent dancer in the “Lost Movement” company. Has performed for Daniele Ninarello, Silvia Gribaudi and Federicapaola Capecchi. In 2018, he debuted with After, at the Teatro Elfo Puccini, later selected for the Dominp Pubblico 2019 and rewarded finalist for MarteLive 2019. In 2018, Careccia produced and realised La Tredicesima Opera (site-specific) for Corpo a corpo at the Catholic University of Milan. In December 2018, he presented the first studied of Tra 2000 e 6000 for the festival Festival Più che Danza, with which he also participated with at CosiDanzi 2019 and at the FLIC Festival.


What happens when the fade-out starts? After is a dance piece, relating to the concept of the after time after some of the moments that follow the main ones within a relationship. The research stems from the desire to investigate the essence of the movement of the body through its structure, its actions and its gestures to reach the dynamics that exist in a relationship between two human beings. The interpreters are constantly subjected to new stimuli, always different, which make the work unstable and changeable, analysing moments to the limit. You are supported and exposed, but at the same time destroyed. The questions are legitimate, the doubts insistent: Move in or move out? Look or turn around? Touch or be touched? To stay or to go?

with the dupport of “ArteMente” – Centro di Alta Formazione per la Danzac
with Zena Sala and Giovanni Careccia
dramaturgy by Christian Consalvo

16 January 2020

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